Seastrata Energy Launches Online Service

Seastrata Energy Launches Online Service

Seastrata Energy Ltd today launched an online news and information service called Seastrata Online.

Seastrata Online is an information and news service specifically for people interested in renewable energy in the specific fields of tidal or current flow and geothermal. It is our aim to become the single source for the most up to date information in these areas.

We will report on cutting edge technologies in these specific energy regimes and the related developments for them such as heating and cooling (HVAC), refrigeration and of course electricity.

Additionally we will keep up to date with the latest policies and strategies implemented by the United Kingdom government and the regulatory mechanisms to manage energy harnessing and distribution.

Seastrata Online is an online information service provided by Seastrata Energy Ltd which was formed to develop disruptive new technologies to harness the energy in tidal currents (Sea) and subterranean geothermal (strata).

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