The Answer To Building Heat Loss – Energised Insulation Systems.

The Answer To Building Heat Loss – Energised Insulation Systems.

Seastrata Technology Partner, Esulation has developed a new product which is soon to be commercially available. It is an active insulation system called “Energised Insulation System” (EIS) which is an internal or external cladding which is energised.

Buildings that were built before modern construction standards required effective thermal insulation lose a tremendous amount of heat energy to the atmosphere. This represents a considerable cost to the building owners or occupiers and as a total waste of the efforts of electricity producers in capturing the energy to generate electricity used to heat the building. We as a society cannot fritter away energy in such a cavalier manner.

EIS overcomes this wastage by having laminated between the layers of installation a heating element which uses a trickle of electricity to heat that element to precisely 20° C. This element then becomes a very effective barrier to the heat and cold, preventing cold outside air seeping into the building and warm air inside from escaping. The active installation cladding is placed overall exterior surfaces and then finally covered with a decorative cladding layer. Internally, because it is more difficult to clad a roof, the active installation is put on the internal ceiling. If the building is a listed building and the exterior cannot be altered then it is possible to use the cladding on all internal walls and ceilings, however this method does slightly reduce the internal volume of the room.

The EIS system does require electricity to operate, but we are only talking about a few 100 W of intermittent electrical power which is turned into a really useful thermal protection system. For a townhouse with 100 square metres of energised insulation it costs from just a few pounds per week to run and in mild temperatures (14 C) the homeowner will probably not need the central heating on at all. The estimated total cost of operating a 100 square metre system over a typical United Kingdom winter will be in the vicinity of £150. Add to that the cost savings from not having to keep the central heating running at a high level to overcome the wastage of heating up the rest of the neighbourhood as well as your own home.

EIS is protected under U.K. Patent number GB 2399827 ‘Energised Insulation System’

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