High Speed Internet – A Must For FM and Energy

High Speed Internet – A Must For FM and Energy

There is only one more month for written submissions to the enquiry on the delivery of High Speed internet connections to 95% of the United Kingdom, submissions are due by 30th September.

This enquiry may well have been missed by many in the facilities management and local authorities because it is being undertaken by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, but the internet is not just about socialising.

It is an essential element in the effective management of facilities and energy. Building Information Modelling (BIMs) and integration into the model for a Digitally Built Britain relies heavily on the fast and efficient transfer of information. Also, the awareness of business and local government of the power and effectiveness of the internet in helping them to manage assets and energy distribution cannot be underestimated.

Leading this field in the United Kingdom was digital entrepreneur and author Penny Power who received an OBE for her services to the digital economy. The Digital Business Britain Manifesto laid out the vision for a digital Britain but behind that was considerable lobbying and discussions with the Government about creating the digital framework to realise the objectives of the manifesto.

This enquiry has arisen out of the work of Penny Power and others and represents an opportunity for local authorities and facilities management companies to ensure that any resulting policy includes their requirements for the effective management of assets and resources.

The original article released on 27th July 2015 can be accessed here.

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