New Theory For Generating Energy Without Losses

New Theory For Generating Energy Without Losses

Physicists at the Australian National University may have made a breakthrough in energy conservation and have proposed a theory to confine electromagnetic energy. Essentially their theory is similar to throwing a pebble in a pond and not creating any ripples. The ripples being analogous to energy leakage during the energy generation process.

If capable of adaptation to electrical energy generation processes the theory could have wide ranging implications in regard to energy conservation. It could also explain why dark matter is dark, how black holes work and, in our practical sphere, reduce or stop energy losses in current or developing electrical generating technologies. If so then this will have huge benefits to power generation whether they be wind, water, thermal or gas driven, or indeed using hydrocarbon fuel sources.

The Australian National University (ANU) head researcher, Dr Andrey Miroshnichenko stated that “Ever since the beginning of quantum mechanics people have been looking for a configuration which could explain the stability of atoms and why orbiting electrons do not radiate”. However, he also said that, “it appears to contradict a fundamental tenet of electrodynamics, that accelerated charges create electromagnetic radiation”.

This lack of radiation is brought about by dividing the current between two different elements contained within the whole. “A conventional electric dipole and a toroidal dipole (associated with poloidal current configuration), which produce identical fields at a distance. If these two configurations are out of phase then the radiation will be cancelled out, even though the electromagnetic fields are non-zero in the area close to the currents.”

Conflicts in the resulting answers from two different mathematical descriptions of radiating energy led to the insight that one of the descriptions was lacking a component. This was found to be toroidal in nature. This is interesting because recent research is also revealing toroidal or donut shaped structures in many energy related systems, from the red blood cell to the dynamics of galaxies. The toroid, which is known as an Anapole (Greek term ‘without poles’), seems to be popping up more and more in scientific studies.

Dr Miroshnichenko said, “We realised that these toroidal components were not just a correction, they could be a very significant factor.”

Dr Miroshnichenko with his visualisation of anapoles as dark matter

Dr Miroshnichenko with his visualisation of anapoles as dark matter
(Credit: Stuart Hay, ANU)

To test the theory Dr Miroshnichenko, in collaboration with colleagues from Germany and Singapore, used single silicon nanodiscs which he was able to make effectively invisible by cancelling the disc’s scattering of visible light.

The thing about the motion of toxoids is that they seem to effectively create a closed system, where there is rotational movement, not around the circumference as in a rotating sphere, but at right angles to the axis. An object on the surface of a toroidal process in motion would appear to go in through the hole at the centre of the donut then come up around the outer curve and back down through the centre. In the case of Dr Miroshnichenko’s theory this process seems to keep all the energy created by the system inside the system and does not permit any leakage.

This containment is where the energy generation industry could find benefit from this understanding and prevent the wastage of energy making generators almost 100% efficient in converting kinetic energy to electricity. However, if the system is so contained the challenge may be finding a way to tap into and extract that energy for use. It will be interesting to see what practical applications the industry finds for this theory.

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